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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elisa media center

Elisa media center is a multimedia program to use in Windows and Linux. Its in the repos of Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid.The homepage of the project is found here.
There is not a version for the Mac yet, but they are working on it.
In hardy I didn't get the program to work. It gives an error message saying that i don't have any hardware acceleration configured on my videocard. Thats not the case, Compiz is working all right.
When I use the repos of the project itself, I got a version that crashes the X server session.
In Intrepid the program seems to work allright though.
Only today all of a sudden it made the keyboard and mouse unresponsive. Still playing my playlist, I couldn't do anything except CTRL - ALT - Backspace to kill the X-server.

I'm using Songbird instead now, for playing MP3 and youtube music files.

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