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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Google calendar in Evolution

Any luck with the new google calendar plugin for evolution? Quote: Originally Posted by zombiepig View Post The google calender plugin is only half-there at the moment. It's missing support for offline access, and recurring appointments confuse it a lot. My advise is to install gcaldaemon (, which requires a little bit of setting up and configuring, but after that works brilliantly! I tried that, didin't work! But this did, thanks to niceguy123 Quote: Originally Posted by niceguy123 View Post ?This seems to be the anwser. Not hard at all. Quote: Linux users: Setting up read access for your Google Calendar from the integrated Gnome calendar (included with Evolution) can be achieved with one terminal command. In fact, it is surprisingly simple to set up a self-updating subscription to your Google Calendar. You only need to enter the following command once and your calendar will automatically update. Go to your Google Calendar and find out your private ICAL URL (This can be found after clicking Manage Calendars > Your Calendar Name) Now, open a terminal and type : /usr/lib/evolution-webcal/evolution-webcal YOUR_PRIVATE_ICAL_URL That's all there is to it. The dialog shown in the screenshot will appear and you'll be able to customize how frequently you want the Gnome calendar to update. When you click the calendar in the Gnome menubar, your events will be displayed.

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