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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Install the same applications in Ubuntu on another computer

Instal the same applications with Synaptic

Step 1 Make a list of all the applications you have installed : sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > ubuntu-files (or use the export function of synaptic under the file menu)

* Note : that is all one line and there are two - - in front of "get-selections" ;)

make a copy of /etc/apt/sources.list

Step 2 Save the files "ubuntu-files" and the copy of /etc/apt/sources.list on a USB drive or e-mail it to yourself ...

Step 3 Reinstall Ubuntu, update : sduo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Step 4 Re-install all those applications ... make sure the same repositories are selected in your new installation. These can be added in the file: /etc/apt/sources.list from your old copy

then in a console type: sudo dpkg --set-selections <>

Again, all one line and two - - in front of "set-selections"

Step 5 Install : sudo deslect This opens a deslect session. Just type ' I ' to install (that is a capital i ). or install these applications with synaptic after importing them from the file menu.

NOTE if you do this on another system with different hardware, you might run into trouble if packages are installed for another hardware configuration that the new system has. Please check that the correct versions of applications are installed, especially kernel headers or graphic drivers.

NOTE2: If you try to use this method in an upgraded version of ubuntu, tou might get broken packages when some packages got different names.

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