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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where are the important files.

Some are here:

refresh the font database use in a terminal: fc cache -f -v Restart X server: CTRL ALT Backspace

Important directories: /etc/apt/sources.list Sources for aptitude and Synaptics

/boot/grub/menu.lst Grub menu

list /etc/fstab file system table

/etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc allow root login in Kubuntu




For Firefox. /usr/lib/firefox/plugins

For Stellarium: /usr/share/stellarium

/usr/local/share stellarium

sudo lshw -businfo gives hardware information

From a console: gnome -panel starts the panel (werkbalken)

remount all maps in fstab: sudo mount -a

Change the resolution of the ubuntu splash screen:

from the console enter: sudo gedit /etc/usplash.conf enter: xres=640 yres=480 save the file and

from the console enter: sudo update-initramfs -u

Do you know other files that are important to tweak? Please let me know

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