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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Installation of KDE TV in Ubuntu 8.10 to use with a brooktree 848 878 chipset and a Nvidea video hardware accellerated card with restricted driver (This also applies to linux mint 6 (felicia) that's mainly based on intrepid ibex):

don't use Video4KLinux 2. It will crash kdetv and you'll not capable to undo this setting, unless by deleting the video4lin2 plugin manually.

use video4lin with these settings:
50 fps framespeed
X11 with chared memory (others don't work)

Sometimes when kdetv is installed, it uses the v4L2 plugin automatically and causes kdetv to crash. These is one method of solving this. Start a terminal and start nautilus in root mode:

gksu nautilus

go to this map: /usr/lib/kde3 and remove this file:

close nautilus and start kdetv. It shouldn't crash anymore and you can start adjusting the channels.

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