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Friday, May 29, 2009

FTP site in fstab

Mount a FTP map in the linux filesystem tree.

first in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install curlftpfs
sudo mkdir /media/provider

Add this line in /etc/fstab

Code: /media/provider fuse rw,allow_other,noauto,user 0 0

where username is your login name at your providers ftp site
password is your password is the ftp server of toyr provider
PUBLIC is the map in your ftp account to use.
/media/provider is the map you created earlier. Here you'll mount your ftp site.

And reboot of type in a terminal (sudo mount -a)

than when you want to mount the ftp site type in a terminal:

sudo mount /media/provider

Note that the speed of FTP is very slow compared with normal hard disk usage. About 500 k per second on a drive on your own router.
It is possible to use for an network harddisk, but if smbfs is available, that's better to use. That's explained here.

Additional information is found here.


ארקדי ויינר said...

Thank yot very much!

Daniel said...

Thank you so much for this! I didn't place my local folder in /media/provider however. Placing it there caused me to use sudo when wanting to change any files in there. Using this folder from IDE wasn't feasible. I moved it to /home/myUsername/mount/nameOfConnection.

MihaiCilidariu said...

If you have several users on the same computer and you need to keep the password safe from them you can use .netrc (google it).

If you don't use .netrc then any other user can do 'df -h' or 'cat /etc/fstab' in a terminal and they'll see your password

Prashastha said...

I get the following error md command not found ??

Jeroen said...

Strange, it works on my system. You're using Ubuntu terminal?

varman said...

"sudo apt-get curlftpfs" doesnt work
but "sudo apt-get install curlftpfs" does

Memes said...

"sudo md" does not work, "sudo mkdir" does

Jeroen said...

changed it, Thanx

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