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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A new website to be used for installing apps in Ubuntu and mint

I quote fullcircle magazine page 21:

I get frustrated each time an iPhone owner talks about how cool the Apple AppStore is. Technically, the Apple AppStore is nothing but a package repository like those we've enjoyed for ages in the Linux world! Our goal is to unleash the true power of Linux package repositories, and show it to the world. With allmyapps, we want to give users the best
application installation tool in terms of eyecandy and usability. Indeed, allmyapps
leverages on the power and the depth of our package repositories to provide users
with a tool that is fun, easy, and, of course, secure! We have tried to make allmyapps
visually appealing, so that people will enjoy browsing applications on it. In the same
spirit, we have also focused a lot on usability to help people find the applications they need,
either by browsing categories or by performing a free search. Finally, as allmyapps relies on
the apt package management system (through apt-url), it is completely safe for users to
use. A lot of people asked us why we decided to implement allmyapps as a Web application
and not as a traditional desktop application. The main reason is that we want
allmyapps to be visible to all users (not only Linux users). This is also why, beyond
traditional social features like screenshots, reviews, and ratings, allmyapps gives you
the ability to create lists of applications that you can share with others via email or a Web
widget. The goal here is to help spread the word and make people realize how easy and
fun it is to install applications on Linux!

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