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Monday, December 7, 2009

Linux Mint 8

Out of the box I could use Youtube, Uitzending gemist (TV broadcast streams in the netherlands), MP3, DVD, and all multi media I have. This really is the first Linux distro version I install where everything just works out of the box. The buggy Samba integration that was a problem in previous versions is fixed. Network printing works OK now. I am very happy with this version.

There are many reviews to read on the internet so I won't repeat that. The look and feel is nicer than Ubuntu Karmic offers. Well we shouldn't discuss personal preferences. But as far as I'm concerned the mint people listen even more to the users than ubuntu does.

One thing is a minor issue and that is the installation. It's very slow with gathering info on a system with other installations and doesn't find any personal settings from other OS's. You need to know in what partition to install the OS. The installation program suggests to reformat the whole drive. That's not nice. Esp. for newbys.

But when the installation is done. Linux mint is a mature distribution.

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