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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stellarium troubles solved

In Stellarium, one of my favourites, sometimes the display doesn't work OK

Version 0.10.2

The landscapes sometimes don't appear properly. This is some problem with this file ~/.config/Trolltech.conf (~ means /home/yourname so it is a file in a hidden map in your home file. In Nautilus you can unhide files and maps by pressing CTRL H together)
You can delete the file and a new one is created when Stellarium is restarted. All should be working fine from now on.

version 0.10.4 and version 0.10.5
Also in these versions the landscapes don't appear properly. This is about a nummeric problem. It's solved this way:

1) Create a simple text file with an [ *.sh ] extension (script file). I personally created it here:
2) Simply stick the command in the text file:

LC_NUMERIC=C stellarium

Save and close

make your script file executable in File/Properties/Permission, where you select:
[ Allow executing file as program ]
3) Enter in
[ System/Preferences/Maim Menu/Sciences/Stellarium/Properties/Command ]
and point to your script file. In my case: (replace USER with your ubuntu username)

[ /home/USER/.stellarium/ ]

Look here to install version 0.10.5

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Jeroen said...

Its still needed with version 10.5 in Natty Narwall to.

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