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Saturday, May 29, 2010

GRSYNC: Make backups with file synchonisation

Till recently I used DirSyncPro to make backups from my home partition to USB harddrives. It works. But the program has some major disadvantages. It didn't work on my networkdrive and it's written in java, what makes it slow. Since Ubuntu 10.4 changed from Sun java to Open JDK. The program isn't working OK anymore. The GUI is somewhat scrambled. It still seems to work, but I'm not sure if it doesn't make any errors.
Before DirSyncPro I used Unison. But that program has a very weak GUI and is slowly to. I used Synkron (that's also avauilable on Windows and Mac) But that program has many options, but is slow too.

Now I discovered Grsync. It's in the standard repositories form Ubuntu and installs with just one command:

sudo apt-get grsync

And it's fast. really fast.

A small tutorial:

Start Grsync from the menu

I select the options and start syncing. The first time takes some time and after that ons it's really fast. Allows you to propragate deletions. Make the syncing compatible with windows drives, forget timestamps (becomes handy if some seconds difference in files make the system think that a file is an update, while it isn't).

Well, thats all there is to do. You can make a set of different syncronisation protocols to select from. Alas it doesn't allow multi sync at a time. You need to make to sets of sync protocols and run them after each other. That0s fime with me.

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Christian said...

Thanks for the information. Just running the tool. Does anybody know more details about the Windows-Compatibility Mode ?

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