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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Usenet binaries grabber for Ubuntu

Sometimes you'd like to grab some binaries from Usenet. The good old fasioned way. Windows has many tools for it, But what's possible in Ubuntu.

There are several ubunto tools for grabbing binaries from usenet.

Pan newsreader

For grabbing binaries I prefer Klibido, allthough it's a KDE programm, it works OK in Gnome too. Just look for it in synaptic, install and enter the parameters for your usenetserver.

Server --> new server
enter the parameters for your server

Server  --> get list of groups

Newsgroup --> subscribe to newsgroup
click on TAB "available newsgroups" (enter search word to find yours easier)

double click on the selected group. All headers will be downloaded.
Now you can select the binaries you want to read.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stellarium repository

Now, launchpad offers a repository for stellarium. Just enter these commands in a terminal and use Synaptic to update your stellarium:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stellarium/stellarium-releases


sudo apt-get update

And run synaptic, look for stellarium and update. Works and tested in Ubuntu 10.4 and Linux Mint 9

Look for stellarium versions 0.10.2 and 0.10.4  troubles here

Friday, June 11, 2010

Desktop shortcuts

A small tutorial for adding desktop shortcuts in Ubuntu and Mint:

  1. Hit ALT-F2 and type: gconf-editor
  2. Select “Apps” > “Nautilus” > “Desktop”
  3. check/uncheck the boxes for computer_icon_visible, home_icon_visible, or trash_icon_visible.

You should now see “My Computer” “My Documents” and “Trash” icons included on your desktop. Simply reverse these steps to remove any of the items.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rename script for Nautilus

On Ubuntugeek I found this post:


Its about renamer. Renamer is a small python script for batch renaming files in nautilus.
Preparing your system

Install following packages from your terminal

sudo apt-get install python-notify

Install renamer in Ubuntu

First you need to download Renamer from here .Now you should be having 87601-nautilus-renamer.tar.gz file extract this file using the following command from your terminal

tar -xzvf 87601-nautilus-renamer.tar.gz

cd nautilus-renamer



Friday, June 4, 2010

Record internal Audio in ubuntu and mint

HOW TO: Recording Internal Audio in Ubuntu or Mint

This how-to should show the steps required to record whatever audio is playing on your computer, similar to recording "stereo mix" in windows. This makes recording audio played by any application, including flash videos, possible.

I'm using the Sound Recorder application that comes in standard Ubuntu installations. To set this up using other programs (like audacity) just substitute it in these instructions.
  1. Install pavucontrol (PulseAudio Volume Control) using apt-get or the Ubuntu Software Center.
  2. Open PulseAudio Volume Control. It should be in the applications menu under Sound and Video.
  3. Open Sound Recorder and start recording. Playing any sound at this point would be helpful, as your level indicator should react once you have finished.
  4. Go to the "Recording" tab in the PulseAudio Volume Control window.
  5. Make sure that "Applications" is selected in the drop down menu on the "Recording" tab.
  6. Choose "Monitor of Internal Audio Analog Atereo" from the "Record Stream from" menu in the Sound Recorder entry of the application list.

This appears to be persistent so that you will only have to do this once, but you will have to repeat these steps to record in another application.

Source: link

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ubuntu preinstalled laptops and desktops

I already knew some posibitities in the US that were offering ubuntu preinstalled computers. One even ships to Europe, but now I found one in Apeldoorn The Netherlands. They ship in Belgium too. The're offering one netbook, three latops en six desktops / servers.


I didn't buy any of these yet, but it looks promissing.