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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Usenet binaries grabber for Ubuntu

Sometimes you'd like to grab some binaries from Usenet. The good old fasioned way. Windows has many tools for it, But what's possible in Ubuntu.

There are several ubunto tools for grabbing binaries from usenet.

Pan newsreader

For grabbing binaries I prefer Klibido, allthough it's a KDE programm, it works OK in Gnome too. Just look for it in synaptic, install and enter the parameters for your usenetserver.

Server --> new server
enter the parameters for your server

Server  --> get list of groups

Newsgroup --> subscribe to newsgroup
click on TAB "available newsgroups" (enter search word to find yours easier)

double click on the selected group. All headers will be downloaded.
Now you can select the binaries you want to read.

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