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Friday, July 9, 2010

Reset windows password and reset ubuntu password

I found two easy tuto´s on resetting passwords:
here and here

How to reset the windows password

To reset your Windows password is very easy. What you need is bootable Ubuntu system (ie. USB, CD or anything) and software called chntpw.

This is step-by-step to reset your Windows password:
  1. Boot from your bootable device (Ubuntu Live Session)
  2. Shutdown your computer and boot up using your bootable system. So you run Ubuntu on Live Session that means you run your system without install it!
  3. Set your repository
  4. Goto Synaptic Package Manager -> Settings -> Repositories -> Ubuntu Software and check the “Software restricted by copyright or legal issues” checkbox. And don’t forget to reload synaptic.
    setting repository synaptic package manager
  5. Install CHNTPW
  6. Install from Synaptic Package Manager or use this command on shell:
    sudo apt-get install chntpw
  7. Resetting Windows password
    • Mount your “Windows installed” device
    • It’s depending on your system, example:
      sudo mkdir /media/WINDOWS
      sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/WINDOWS
      On my system Windows installed on /dev/sda1 and I want to mount it to /media/WINDOWS that I’ve created before.
    • Goto your Windows system configuration folder
    • Located at [WINDOWS_DEVICE]/WINDOWS/system32/config/:
      cd /media/WINDOWS/WINDOWS/system32/config/
    • Cracking the SAM file
    • There a SAM file on Windows system configuration folder. That’s the file we’re looking for. Let’s crack it :) (sounds cool)
      chntpw SAM
      And if you see the output similar with image below, it’s mean you can crack the SAM file.
      reset windows password using chntpw
      As you see, there is 5 choices. Just type “1″ and press “ENTER” to reset your password.
      Note: I’ve try this on my system and work well! But I’ve never try another choices (2-4) yet, you can try yourself.
DONE!!! It’s easy, right? But if you’ve more easy step to reset Windows password, you can share here

How to reset the UBUNTU password

Easy! Just log in root mode. And in Ubuntu this can be done by logging in when system reboot. So we logged in CLI mode. Here's the way, how to reset forgotten Ubuntu password. Check it out!

Login as root

There is two possible ways to login as root :
  • Common method
  • You can login with root mode just by pressing ESC button when system starting up. That'll take you to Grub Screen, when you can select mode that you'll be used while booting. If you have double OS or more on your system (dual boot), you don't need to do this step. It's automatically go to Grub Screen when system starting up. Then choose the "recovery mode", usually found right below your default option. Press enter, and at the next screen, choose "drop to root sheel prompt" and you'll login to the system as root :)
  • Advanced method
  • On some system, maybe you can't find "recovery mode" on Grub Screen menu. So? You need to do a "little hack" to the Grub Loader. Looks cool right? In fact its very easy :) On Grub Screen menu, select default loader (first choice) and press "E" key that means you'll edit manually that loader. Wow :) On the next screen, find row that contains this word :
    ro quiet splash
    Then replace that with this :
    rw init=/bin/bash
    After that, press "CTRL"+"X" (or maybe "B" key on your system, depend to your kernel) to boot the system with "hacked" loader :)
Done! You're logged in as root on your system now, and you can do anything you want. Including resetting your password!

Resetting your password

Use this command to reset your password :
passwd [username]
Fill username with username that you want to reset its password. You'll prompt new password twice.
In this step, you're almost done! Now, make sure the change you've made will be written to disk by :
Reboot your system :
reboot -f
You're done! Your password has been reset, and you can login to your system now :)
I've been using this method on my Ubuntu Lucid system and its work. I hope this post is useful for you all.


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Brent said...

I still can't get ubuntu to work. I forgot Windows 7 password on my laptop. Later I reset Windows 7 password using Reset Windows Password utility. It's worth a try!

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