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Sunday, October 24, 2010

“IBM office suite Lotus Symphony 3 released”

On OMG Ubuntu I read this interesting article:
The latest version of IBM's based office suite 'Lotus Symphony' has been released.
Lotus Symphony 3 boasts many new and enhanced features; benefits from the OpenOffice 3 codebase and introduces new sidebars for .
Utilizing the Eclipse framework Lotus Symphony offers a different user experience to that of traditional office suites.

IBM Lotus Symphony in Ubuntu 10.10
Lotus: The LD
IBM Lotus Symphony is a free multi-platform suite of office applications consisting of:
  • IBM Lotus Symphony Documents – a word processor
  • IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets – a spreadsheet program
  • IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations – a presentation program
The suite also has integration with IBM's Lotus Notes product.
Files compatability
Being based on OpenOffice 3 Symphony supports most formats you can chuck at it including OpenDocument, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice and Office Open XML file formats.


Lotus Symponhy is free 'registerware' requiring you to enter your e-mail address and other info before being granted access to the download section.
The 32bit only .DEB installer, whilst named as being for 'Hardy 8.10′, will install on later versions of Ubuntu. I installed it on Ubuntu 10.10 where it works without issue.

Annoyingly IBM don’t provide a native installer for 64bit users so, typically, a bit of hacking is needed to to get it up-and-running without issue.
Thankfully very awesome reader  Dylan has packaged up a 64bit .deb especially for you – no fuss, no hassle. Thanks Dylan!

If you don´t use .deb ´s made by others for security reasons, 64bit users need a bit of hacking to get the suite to run.

Installing Lotus Symphony 3 in Ubuntu 64bit

The following guide is thanks to Mark Greaves over on the forums.
1. Download the 32bit .deb installer linked above and save it to your home folder.
2. Open a terminal and issue the following command to install needed dependencies:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libstdc++6 ia32-libs ia32-sun-java6-bin
3. Now download the following package, saving it to your home folder: -
Now to open the libxkbfile package. We'll use Ubuntu's default archive extracter 'file-roller'.
4. In the terminal issue (as root)
sudo file-roller ./libxkbfile1_1.0.4-1_i386.deb
Open the 'data.tar.gz' file in the window that opens followed by "." folder then "usr", then the "lib" folder.
Select the following two files:
  • 1.0.2
Click "Extract" choosing the output path as '/usr/lib32′.
5. Now force install the Lotus Symphony 3 package: -
sudo dpkg –force-architecture -i symphony_3.0-1hardy1_i386.deb

Thanx to OMG Ubuntu

1 comment:

Dylan said...

I have made a 64bit package that includes everything, so all this non-sense is not necessary for 64bit users.


Install. Enjoy! =)

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