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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick terminal in Nautilus

Quick terminal for Ubuntu

nautilus logoIf you are fan of command line like me and agree that in many situations it's better/easier to use terminal than graphical interface, you should try terminal plugin for nautilus file manager. This smart plugin makes it possible to open popup terminal in any directory you opened in nautilus and use it for file manipulations or anything you want. If you still don't have it installed you definitely should.

Here is how nautilus terminal plugin looks like in action:

nautilus terminal

The installation procedure is extremely easy as corresponding package is already included into Ubuntu official repository, so open Ubuntu Software Center, Synaptic Package Manager or simply type the following command in Terminal:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

Once installation is finished you should restart nautilus process that sits in memory when Gnome desktop environment is started:

killall -9 nautilus

In a few moments nautilus daemon will be automatically restarted so you can start nautilus file manager from Ubuntu main menu or by double-clicking on some directory on your Desktop — terminal plugin will start automatically.

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