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Friday, March 25, 2011

Enable webGL in firefox 4 in Ubuntu

This tip came from : LINK

WebGL is a Web-based Graphics Library. It extends the capability of the JavaScript programming language to allow it to generate interactive 3D graphics within any compatible web browser.
WebGL is a context of the canvas HTML element that provides a 3D computer graphics API without the use of plug-ins.

After recent installation of firefox 4 i am getting the following error message
This Browser does not support WebGL
First you need to install the following package
sudo apt-get install libosmesa6
After installing above package open your browser and type about:config address bar and search for webgl.osmesalib now you need to add string type as /usr/lib/
Finall restart your firefox
You can check if webgl is working or not go to and play 360° Video.

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