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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Angry birds clone for linux

Are you using Linux, and badly want to play a version of the famous game Angry Birds on your computer?
But for Linux users, you’ll have to settle for a clone rather than the actual game which is very close to the orginal game and its spirit. It does not really have those small birds, but all kinds of animals (sheep, pigs … etc).
Since the game is very similar to Angry Birds, you should not be hurt! This is a SWF which a developer has created using a small script that will run in the SWF flash player. If everything goes well, a directory will be created (and normally a shortcut, which i did not find) to make a game a little more accessible from the “desktop”.

First go to System–>Admin–>Synaptic Package Manager and install imagemagick. You can simply search for “imagemagick” then Mark it for Installation and Apply to install. Then open a console and type:
chmod +x
Then let the script work … Then click on the shortcut if you’re lucky to have it, go to the directory. Angryanimals which contains everything required to complete the game. Use your browser to launch the SWF or type in console
cd .angryanimals/
./flashplayer angryanimals.swf
OR simply double click on the angryanimals.swf

Nothing could be easier … You can create your own shortcut to get playing in a single click the next time. And for those who would really want the original version of Angry Birds, until it is ported to Linux, simply install the latest version of Wine and then install the Windows version of Angry Birds. It works should work.


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Martin Ceronio said...

Please support the Angry Birds for Linux petition here:

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